The Beginning - A Foundation of leadership

Very driven early on


Teresa knew from the age of 13 she wanted to be a deputy sheriff. She has a passion to serve at all levels. She loves to learn, lead, and drive forward.  Becoming a law enforcement officer takes discipline and strength. Mentally and physically strong. Working with the public allowed for a full and diverse understanding of people and how to communicate at all levels. 

Leading the way for others


Teresa worked patrol where she became a field training officer, instructor, SWAT team member, Evidence Technician, and early D.A.R.E. Officer to young children. You can say she was an early over achiever. She continued her education and training. This training allowed for an expanded understanding of leadership, influence, and how to motivate and lead teams of people. 

Awards in her law enforcement career


  1990 & 1997  Sheriff’s Commendation 

1993 Life Saving Award

1996  Life Saving Award

1998  Meritorious Service award 

2000 Exceptional service in field investigations

2002  Meritorious award as K-9 Supervisor

2003  Mutual Assistance Award 

Team Work


She knows being a part of a team is very important, there is trust, communication, and hard work to be done. That takes on a new meaning when you are dealing with life and death situations. 

This teamwork approach is what she uses in her business acumen when leading the way.

Sometimes you take a hit!


When training you have to create as much of a real world scenario as possible. 

Sometimes you take a hit and get hurt. Things do not go right. She learned early on to push through when faced with challenges and set backs.

This has built the creative and problem solving abilities that she possess, where she is able to walk in and assess a situation and develop a strategy at an early stage to address challenges. 

Detail oriented in written and verbal form.


Teresa has worked property crime, homicide, sex crimes, robbery, and narcotics investigations. 

This required a discipline in focusing on the smallest details, being able to assess, process, record, and interpret the details into a factual analysis. 

This experience serves her well when looking at the whole picture of running a business. 

Business Owner


Service to Organizations