Professional Endorsements

Mindy Barker, CPA
Teresa Meares is a multi dimensional talented leader with incredible tenacity. She has excelled in many organizations as a leader who truly displays leadership. Teresa has a tremendous work ethic which results in successful design and execution of strategy. Teresa also contributes effectively to the community and is an accomplished speaker.
Jen Earle, CEO - NAWBO
I have worked closely with Teresa for the past 7 plus years during her service on the National Association of Women’s Business Owners Board of Directors. She exemplifies all the qualities of a true servant leader. She is an amazing thought leader, mentor, and confidant. Teresa is driven and guided by her values and core principles of integrity, honesty, courage and kindness. She is an extraordinary communicator, inspiring storyteller and speaker. Teresa is one of those people I am blessed to know.
Lori Day, SVP - Banking

Teresa is an innovative and courageous leader. I have had the opportunity to work with Teresa in a variety of capacities. One of the things I most admire is her willingness to run toward opportunities and challenges. She is resilient, focused, and leads from the heart. She is passionate about serving the community, her clients, and her business colleagues through problem solving and connections. Teresa once told me, “asking for money is easy when it’s about helping others and finding solutions.”  As such, she has engaged lifelong donors for women’s causes, stimulated creative investment opportunities, fostered a highly admired retail businesses, and helped other women business owners succeed”.  She’s the go-to leader to get it done when the bar is set high. 

Crystal Arredondo, MBA Partner

 Teresa and I were both National Chair Women for two Non-Profit Boards and served together for 8 years.  During that time, I have seen her natural abilities to lead and have also seen her qualities as a business owner and entrepreneur.  Her background in law enforcement has given her the unique and valuable skill set of navigating difficult situations with logic, being comfortable with having high stake conversations and understanding what drives different types of people.  She is a goal-driven person and always up for a challenge and leads with passion and motivation. As an exceptional communicator, strategic thinker and visionary, Teresa has been a valuable asset to every organization she has been a part of. 

Bill Sorenson, Principal, Heritage Capital Group
I’ve worked with Teresa for five years and witnessed, first hand, her remarkable leadership both in the for profit and non-profit worlds. As a business owner, Teresa demonstrated the courage to make fast and significant change for the better of her company. Based on my experience of consulting with owners for two decades, I believe her commitment to change is rare but the primary reason for her company’s success. Her commitment gave her employees the confidence they needed to stick with the plan. In a non-profit capacity, Teresa shows unbelievable spirit and dedication to doing what is right for the mission of the organization and ensuring that the mission is aligned to the needs of the people it serves. She is truly inspirational and a person who I greatly admire.